Aquarium Lighting

An aquarium is a colourful environment teeming with life, lit up brightly to show off the colours and activity within. Having an aquarium light can enhance the look of your aquarium as well as improving the health of your fish and plants. We have fish tank lights to fit different size aquariums.

Types of Aquarium Lights

  • Incandescent

    These are not the most efficient of light sources. They are appropriate for smaller systems. They put out a significant amount of heat, and they can be expensive to run.
  • Full-Spectrum or Daylight Bulbs

    These are available in a variety of brightnesses and are good for use in most aquariums. These are an excellent option for freshwater plants.
  • Fluorescent Tubes

    These are an inexpensive option, offering easy installation, and they use a lower amount of power than globes. There is a tremendous variety available online.

Most aquarium lights cannot be submerged, so please check the type before purchasing. Therefore, one must keep safety in mind during installation and use. Unlike aquarium heaters, lights do not produce extra heat to your tanks water.

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