Prestige Pet Products

Prestige Pet Products are located 30 minutes outside of Brisbane, Australia and have been operating since 1997. Prestige Pets offer many of the leading animal brands including; Petkin, Mammoth, Charming Pet, Cats Eye, Simple Solution, Huds & Toke. They also produce their own line of pet products under the brands Prestige Pet, Scream and ZeeZ.

Why Buy Prestige Pet Products?

They are Australian owned, make quality products for pets and really care about the consumer. You can tell when a company really gives a damn about their customers and listen to their needs (and their pet's, of course).

What are some of our Favourite Prestige Pet Products?

This a few of our favourite Prestige Pets products in no particular order.

  • Prestige Seat Belt with Attachment - 46-91cm - Black
  • Prestige Pet Soft Padded Nylon Dog Collars (Best Selling Collars)
  • ZeeZ Feline Play Houses
  • Scream Pet Cool Pads