Dog Water Toys

These dog toys float in water! If you dog loves to swim, then they usually love to play. Combing the both of these activities is easy with these floating dog toys. While most toys will sink, these aqua toys will float and make playing games like fetch practical in water. We make it easy to buy floating, aqua and water dog toys.

About Water Floating Dog Toys

Any dog loves to play in water, whether it is a muddy puddle or going for a swim in a lake. What better way to make it even more fun for them with toys that are ideal for playing in the water with. You can turn swim time into a game of fetch, with floating toys that will float for your dog to return it to you. Asa well as being a lot of fun, it also helps to ensure that your pooch gets all the exercise they need. If you have a pooch that loves to play in water, an aqua dog toy could be just what they want.

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