Reptile Substrates

Reptile substrate is a crucial part of replicating the natural habitat of your scaly pet in their terrarium. Reptile sand is most commonly used in snake enclosures. Bedding like bark is used with lizards such as bearded dragons. Shop online for substrate to suit your Australian reptile.

Reptile Substrate FAQ's

What is reptile substrate?

Reptile substrate is the material used to line the bottom of your reptile's enclosure. It provides a base for the reptile to walk on, dig in, and absorb waste.

What should I consider when choosing the type of substrate for my reptile's enclosure?

The choice of substrate depends on your reptile's natural habitat and specific needs. Common options include reptile carpet/mats, coconut fibre, sand, paper littler, bark, butchers paper etc. Ensure that the substrate is safe, non-toxic, and easy to clean. Some reptiles have specific substrate requirements, so research your species to determine the best option. Adding a natural looking substrate that is right for your reptile provides them with enrichment and encourages natural foraging behaviours.

Is it safe to use sand as a reptile substrate?

Using sand as a substrate for your reptile is entirely dependent on the species. While sand does have a great natural looking appearance especially for those desert dwelling reptiles, there is a risk of sand being ingested causing gastrointestinal obstruction, or sand becoming lodged underneath the scales causing bacteria buildup and infection. With these hazards in mind, we encourage you to make an informed decision on whether sand is right for your reptile.

Can I use reptile carpet as a substrate?

There are several types of reptile specific carpets that we stock. These are made of reptile safe materials and can easily be cleaned by rinsing and scrubbing. It provides a textured surface for traction and ease of movement. Again, depending on the species of reptile you own will depend on whether reptile carpet is most suitable.

How often should I clean the reptile substrate?

Regular cleaning of your reptile's substrate is extremely important as it keeps the enclosure sanitary. If you are using a loose substrate, the entirety of the substrate should be removed and discarded once it is soiled. Substrates like carpets can be taken out, cleaned and reused. Substrates like butcher's paper should also be removed and replaced. The frequency of cleaning depends on the species and its waste output and enclosure size.

Can I reuse the reptile substrate?

Reusing reptile substrate depends on the type and condition of the substrate. Some substrates, such as reptile carpet, can be washed and reused. However, other substrates like loose mulch or sand may need to be replaced entirely due to hygiene concerns.


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