Aquarium Ammonia Test Kits

Shop a range of Ammonia Tests for Fish Tanks. Keep your aquarium a thriving & healthy environment for your fish. These Aquarium Ammonia Tests are simple to use and will give you an instant reading.

Why Test for Ammonia?

Ammonia in an aquarium can come from several sources including fish waste, uneaten food and other decaying matter. Ammonia is very harmful to fish. It will damage fish gills and prevent fish from carrying on normal breathing. Low levels of ammonia will stress fish, high levels will cause fish death.

When to test for Ammonia?

  • In new aquariums, ammonia should be tested every other day until the ammonia level measures 0 parts per million (ppm) or mg/L.
  • In established aquariums, ammonia should be tested weekly to make sure it is at a safe level.
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