Reptile Halogen Lights

Reptile halogen lights emit their heat directly downwards, usually meaning they require less energy to produce the correct amount of heat for your scaly friend! We have halogen bulbs, lamps & globes for your snake, lizard or amphibian. Shop our range of reptile halogen lights online.

Reptile Halogen Lights FAQ's

What is a reptile halogen bulb?

A reptile halogen bulb is a type of light bulb designed specifically for reptile enclosures. It produces intense heat and light output, simulating the sun's rays and providing a basking spot for reptiles. Some halogen bulbs are specifically designed for nocturnal reptiles, so they produce a lower amount of light, usually a purple colour, to replicate moonlight conditions and stimulate reptiles that are naturally more active at night. Halogen bulbs are designed to last longer, and utilise less energy. They are a great and cost effective option to heat your reptile's enclosure. We stock a large range of Halogen bulbs for all different reptile species and their specific needs.

What are the benefits of using a reptile halogen bulb?

Reptile halogen bulbs offer many benefits. They provide a concentrated and intense heat source, allowing reptiles to regulate their body temperature by thermoregulating. They also emit a bright and naturalistic light, enhancing the visibility of reptiles and their enclosure, or produce dim moonlight conditions for nocturnal reptiles. Halogen bulbs also use less energy, making them a cost effective way to provide heat and light for your reptiles.

What types of reptiles can benefit from a halogen bulb?

Halogen bulbs are suitable for most reptile species. Reptiles are cold blooded, meaning they rely solely on external heat to thermoregulate. For this reason, all reptiles require a heat and light emitting bulb in their enclosure. As Halogen bulbs are energy efficient, they are a great alternative to other reptile lights. Reptiles such as snakes, lizards, and turtles all benefit greatly for a halogen bulb.

Can I use a halogen bulb as the sole light source for my reptile enclosure?

Halogen bulbs emit heat and light. For this reason, they are the perfect bulb for most species. However, reptiles which require UVB will need a UVB bulb along with the halogen bulb to ensure they are getting their required UVB rays for proper calcium metabolism. Without UVB, some reptiles are at a greater risk of metabolic bone disease.

How do I choose the right wattage for a reptile halogen bulb?

The wattage of the halogen bulb depends on the specific needs of your reptile species and the size of the enclosure. Larger enclosures may require higher wattage bulbs to provide adequate heat. It's essential to research the specific temperature requirements of your reptile.

How long should I keep the halogen bulb on each day?

We recommend mimicking your reptile's natural environment as best you can. Most reptiles are used to a light cycle of 12 hours light, 12 hours dark. You can use a timer in conjunction with your bulbs to keep on this schedule

Can reptile halogen bulbs be used with a thermostat?

Yes, we highly encourage you to use a thermostat along with your halogen bulb, as they let off high amounts of heat. Without a thermostat, the bulb will overheat your reptile's enclosure, creating a dangerous environment for your reptile. This could lead to overheating and potentially death. A thermostat will heat your enclosure to the temperature you have programmed, and automatically switch off once it reaches the set temperature. It will turn the light back on once it drops below the preset temperature, providing a stable environment for your reptile.


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