First Aid for Dogs

We all know that dogs love to get into mischief and unexpected cuts & grazes will show up. These little abrasions can easily turn into infections if left untreated. We sell a range of first aid kits & products for dogs online that will help to prevent infections from happening.

Dogs do have a tendency of getting themselves into scrapes. Whether chasing cats into bushes or going exploring in the undergrowth, they will often put themselves in areas where they could get hurt. Cuts, scratches, abrasions and even bites are not uncommon for dogs. With this in mind, it is wise to keep a first aid kit handy for when they do manage to pick up an injury.

A lot of animals tend to lick their wounds when injured. Generally speaking, this is a good thing as their saliva contains a mild anti-septic that helps wounds to heal. It can be problematic when a stronger remedy is needed, though. In many cases, a pet is likely to lick the antiseptic as they lick their wounds, and this could cause complications. Treatments for pets such as dogs need to be harmless when ingested, and also resistant to being licked clean away.

Some areas of a dog’s skin, such as the paws, can become too dry. If not treated, this can cause the skin to crack and infections can take hold. Topical dermatological creams can moisturize the skin to help prevent cracking or other complications from arising. They can also help to alleviate discomfort from other skin conditions.

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