Shark Cartilage - 100g
Shark Cartilage - 100g



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Blackdog Salmon Skins - 100g
Blackdog Salmon Skins - 100g


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Fish treats and seafood flavoured treats are healthy and highly palatable for dogs! Most fish treats come in the style of training treats and entertaining chews. Being highly palatable, these treats will keep your pet engaged for hours! Seafood treats are a great source of omega oil that helps with coat, skin and joints.

More About Fish & Seafood Dog Treats

Seafood is generally packed with nutrients and minerals that help your pets to stay strong and healthy, making them an ideal snack. Chewy shark cartilage snacks will keep your pooch busy for a long time. As they chew, they are also ingesting the goodness that the snacks provide. A happy and healthy dog is the best kind of pet, and seafood dog treats help to ensure just that.

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