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WAHL KM5 Pet Clipper (Purple)
WAHL KM5 Pet Clipper (Purple)


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WAHL Stylique Pet Trimmer Kit
WAHL Stylique Pet Trimmer Kit


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We offer a range of pet grooming clippers for dogs & cats online. We all know that taking your pet to the grooming saloon can be very expensive, so many people opt to clip their dog's themselves. The benefit of clipping your own dog is that you will save money and immediately maintain your dog’s coat & fur. We also stock pet clipper accessories, blades, combs & oils.

More About Dog Clippers

Well sell the most trusted brands of dog clippers, including our favourite, WAHL. We also have a range of pet clipper blades, combs, oils and accessories that makes clipping your dog much easier. No matter what dog breed, coat or size, we have a clipper to suit your grooming needs. Buy dog clippers at the cheapest price online.

Dog Clippers FAQs

What are dog clippers and what are they used for?

Dog clippers are tools used to trim a dog's fur. They are often used to maintain the appearance of the dog's coat or to remove matted hair. They can also be used to shave the dog down for summer months or to keep the dog cooler.

What are the different types of dog clippers?

There are several types of dog clippers, including corded, cordless, and battery-operated clippers. Each type has its own benefits and drawbacks, so it's important to consider the specific needs of your dog before choosing a clipper.

How do I choose the right clipper for my dog?

When choosing a clipper for your dog, consider factors such as the thickness and length of your dog's fur, the type of coat your dog has, and the size and shape of your dog. You should also consider whether you want a corded or cordless clipper, as well as the battery life and power of cordless clippers. Finally, think about your own comfort and handling preferences when using the clipper.

How do I use dog clippers to trim my dog's fur?

Before using clippers on your dog, brush the fur to remove any tangles and mats. Start by using a larger blade to trim the majority of the fur, then switch to a smaller blade for precision trimming. Be sure to trim in the direction of hair growth, and be careful not to cut the dog's skin. If you're new to using clippers, consider seeking the help of a professional groomer for your first time.

How do I clean and maintain my dog clippers?

To clean your dog clippers, turn off the clipper and remove the blade. Clean the blade and body of the clipper with a clean cloth, and oil the blade after each use. Store the clippers in a cool, dry place when not in use, and keep them out of reach of children and pets.

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