Aquatopia Hermi Bridge
Aquatopia Hermi Bridge


Hermit crabs are a lot more active than you might expect them to be. In the wild, they like to dig into the sand and even to climb in search of food. They also like to have a place to hide to help them feel safe from the dangers of predators and the environment.

When creating a home for your hermit crabs you should make sure that you provide objects for them to interact with, and plenty of sand to dig in. Specially made hermit crab trees will provide a challenge for them to climb, helping them stay active and pass the time. The sand will need to be of the right consistency so they are able to dig. It also needs to be non-toxic to help make sure no harm comes to your crabs. Suitable substrates come available in different colours to help make your crabs’ home aesthetically pleasing.

When creating a home that is comfortable and fun for your crabs, you can also a create an interesting and colourful centrepiece for your home. Watching hermit crabs making the most of their home can make an interesting and educational past time for children and adults alike.

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