Fish Parasite Treatments

Traditionally, fish and worms go together. Unfortunately, it isn’t always a happy mix, especially for an aquarium fish. Like all other pets, fish are not exempt from problems with parasites. An observant aquarium owner will notice when a fish is behaving in ways that are out of the ordinary. Using a parasite medication or treatment for fish can solve any of these health related issues.

Signs to look for if your fish has parasites

  • The fish is rubbing itself against objects.
  • The fish is covered with mucus.
  • The gills are moving faster than usual.
  • The gills or fins look ragged.
  • Skin colour is redder than normal.

These symptoms may be a sign of gill flukes or skin flukes, which are actually flatworms. The worms will destroy the gills and subsequently kill the fish.

Immediate treatment of parasites, such as flukes or lice (which are sometimes visible as tiny pale crabs on the fish’s body), is essential. The administration of Blue Planet Para-Cide Tablets will control parasites in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums.

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