Aquatopia Marine Pellet - 130g
Aquatopia Marine Pellet - 130g


Saltwater aquariums are becoming a worldwide blockbuster hobby. Every year produces a completely new selection of marine products to choose from. Find a variety of marine aquarium products such as food, filters, heaters, skimmers and accessories.

Must Have Marine Aquarium Products

Aquatopia Floating Hydrometer and Thermometer

Salinity levels will be revealed with this handy, cost-effective product that is essentially a two-for-one. The thermometer is an essential part of tank maintenance, especially for the fragile saltwater environment. The gadget is easily readable and a must-have for any hobbyist.

Marine Flake Fish Food

The best balanced diet for saltwater fish, these flakes are scientifically formulated with the highest-quality ingredients, including fish meal, soybean meal, flour, yeast, krill meal, multivitamins, trace elements, natural colour enhancers, and fish oil. When you use the proper amounts, this is one of the best foods known for not dirtying up the tank.

Marine Wave Pump

Create natural waves with this powerful propeller pump, circulating water just like the current in a coral reef. The motor is designed for low heat, with the best energy efficiency, and it is easy to install.

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