Hermit Crab Food

Hermit crabs are scavengers in the wild. As such, they can live on just a about anything they are given to eat. This doesn’t mean that you should just feed them just anything, though. Like all animals, they need the right nutrients if they are to be as healthy as possible. Specially formulated hermit crab foods are created from a mix of ingredients from fish to vegetables to help provide the balanced diet that they need. Two of the key ingredients for Hermit crabs are calcium and anti-oxidants. The calcium is essential for a healthy exoskeleton, just like we need it for healthy teeth and bones. Carotenes found in vegetables are important to help the crabs maintain a healthy colour. Foods that contain ethoxyquin or copper sulphate should be avoided.

Hermit crabs do not need a lot of food. Be sure not to overfeed them to help ensure their environment is kept clean and hygienic. You can also buy mineral blocks which help to keep your crabs in good health, while also providing them with what they need to help them moult. In addition, most hermit crabs are marine creatures so it is important that they have access to salt water for bathing. It is necessary to have the right type of salt for this and table salt is not suitable.

All in all, Hermit crabs are fairly easy to cater for where nutrition is concerned. Just make sure you provide them with the basics at least and they should live healthy and happy lives.

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