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Pisces Goldfish Pellets - 190g
Pisces Goldfish Pellets - 190g


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We sell a range of quality goldfish food online that will keep them happy and healthy, but also maintain the water clear and clean. We stock food for Goldfish in flakes and pellets, depending what suits your fish best. Find a variety of goldfish food for sale from different brands and in different pack sizes.

Feeding Goldfish Guide

Goldfish food is manufactured specifically for the needs of goldfish. Therefore, it does not contain as much protein as does food for tropical fish. Goldfish thrive on primarily vegetables, but they have a varied diet in the wild. This includes plants, insects, and crustaceans. On occasion, they will even swallow smaller fish.

We cannot duplicate the natural diet of goldfish. However, they do thrive on goldfish food, which is made to give them the type of nutrition that they thrive on in nature. They also enjoy bloodworms and brine shrimp.

Goldfish food comes in the form of flakes, which float, and pellets, which tend to sink. Some fish are too small to swallow a pellet whole. In that case, they should be fed flakes, which they can tear apart. As author Helen Palmer Giesel wrote in her 1961 children’s book about Otto the Goldfish, "Never feed him a lot. Never more than a spot! Or something may happen. You never know what."

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