Turtle Health Care

Owning a Turtle is a big responsibility and keeping them in good health is a must. We sell a range of Turtle Health Products & Supplies that make keeping your Turtle in the best shape easy.

Turtles live most of their lives in water and this could cause complications for them in captivity. It is essential that the water they are living in has the right PH balance or this could cause complications. Waste can also contribute to an imbalance in PH levels because any waste that is present can cause high levels of ammonia. In the wild, this would be dealt with by natural processes. In captivity, though, the ammonia levels will accumulate if left untreated.

These problems are overcome with turtle health blocks that help to ensure that the water maintains the right balance. This will help to ensure that your turtles are as healthy as possible. Remember, though, that even though the health blocks may help with the right PH balance, it is still important to keep the water clean and a pump with a filter will help achieve this.

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