Black Dog Wear

Black Dog are located in Victoria, Australia and have been operating since 1997. Black Dog Wear make dog training products including; collars, harnesses, halters, leads, treat pouches, clickers and more.

Why buy Black Dog Wear products?

Black Dog design and make their own equipment, and they know what works best for training and controlling your pet. They make breed specific products such as Italian Greyhound collars and Whippet collars. If you take your dog to obedience training, their products are a must-have. Black Dog harnesses are some of the best, with the every popular balance harness. The Black Dog leads like the smart lead or adjustable, making it ideal for different training drills.

What are some of our favourite Black Dog products?

Black Dog make so many awesome training products, these are some of our favourites in no particular order.

  • Black Dog Smart Lead
  • Black Dog Balance Harnesses
  • Black Dog Haltermate
  • Black Dog Treat Pouches

Black Dog i-Clicker
Black Dog i-Clicker



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