Cat & Kitten Collars

Cat Collars are important to pet owners for many reasons. We have collars to match all types of cats personalities. Whether your cat likes climbing trees, acts like a prince or has that retro vibe, we will have a collar to suit him or her. When looking for a collar there are a few things you should look at besides the presentation. Most collars for cats are one size fits all, however you may need a smaller size kitten collar for younger ones. Buy cat & kitten collars online to suit all sizes and breeds of feline!

How To Get The Right Collar For Your Cat

1st. Bells. Does the collar have a bell and how many. Bells are important for a couple of reasons. They will alert local wildlife that your cat is coming, which will stop wild birds and possums from being attacked. It will also help alert you to where they are. Some cat collars will come with two bells, which just makes the ringing noise a bit louder. You can always add more bells onto the collars yourself.

2nd. The clip. The clip is important depending on what kind of cat you have. If you have a cat that goes outside and likes to explore. Then it is a good idea for the clip to be quick release, which will release and undo the collar if it gets caught on anything. This will stop the cat from being stuck or choked.

3rd. Material. The main types of materials cat collars are made from is nylon, leather and elastic. We find that nylon cat collars will last the longest and look good. Leather collars will have more flashy and cool designs to choose from. Elastic collars will be more plain yet flexible with size, which is great if you have a kitten.

Once you have found the collar that is most practical and will look the best on your cat, just make a order with us and wait for it to arrive at your home for you and your cat to enjoy. Also see cat leads & harnesses for walking your feline friend.

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