Plush dog toys are perfect for small breed dogs. We also offer plush toys for medium and large breed dogs. Plush dog toys are soft, stuffed and generally made with a fleece material. These toys are great for soft chewers, puppies and senior dogs. Tougher plush toys include the Tuffy toy range.

About Plush Dog Toys

Soft, plush toys are often a dog’s favourite toy. They will spend hours chewing, licking and biting their toy and will often be found fast asleep with their toy between their paws. With bright and colourful designs, they make a fun toy for your pet. These toys are probably not suited to larger, stronger dogs as they would not be at all likely to last long. For smaller or older dogs, however, they are just perfect. Specially made with your pet’s safety in mind as well as their enjoyment, you can be confident that these toys will cause no harm to your pet.

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