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Aquatopia Betta Bits - 31g
Aquatopia Betta Bits - 31g



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We sell a wide range of fish foods for different fish species online. Using a good quality fish food not only keeps your fish happy and healthy, it also keeps your aquarium water clear and clean. A good food also brings the best colours out of your fish.

Types of Fish Foods Available

Buy food for tropical fish, goldfish, betta fish (siamese fighters), cichlids, discus, marine fish, loaches, catfish, algae eaters, bottom feeders, hermit crabs and more. Foods come in a few different styles such as flakes, pellets, crumbles, discs, liquids and blocks. The type of food you use will depend on the type and size of your fish. For example if you have a large goldfish you may feed them pellets, however you would feed a small goldfish flakes. If you are going away for a weekend or a couple of weeks, we strongly encourage you to use a vacation feeder block. Buy fish foods for aquarium and pond fish online!

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