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Zoo Med Turtle Dock - Small
Zoo Med Turtle Dock - Small



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Turtle docks create a naturalistic basking spot for your aquatic reptile. Floating turtle pontoon platforms are an easy to install addition to your tank. These docks stick on to the side of your terrarium and provide a natural resting area for your turtle, frog or other aquatic creature. Find landings for Australian Turtles in different sizes & styles.

Reptile Pontoon Dock FAQ's

What is a turtle pontoon?

A turtle pontoon is a floating dock that can be installed inside your turtle's aquarium for them to bask on and rest on above the waterline of their enclosures.

Why do turtles need a pontoon landing?

Turtles need a pontoon because they are ectothermic animals, meaning they rely solely on external heat sources to thermoregulate. A pontoon provides the perfect area for them to bask on and absorb the rays from their UVB light, which is essential for a captive turtle's health and well-being.

How do I choose the right pontoon for my turtle?

When purchasing a turtle pontoon keep in mind the size of your aquarium, there are many different sizes of pontoons available, and you want to make sure you are providing one big enough for your turtle, but not too big that it takes up all the water space. Pontoons designed specifically for turtles are sturdy and will not sink or tip over when climbed on.

How do I install a turtle pontoon in the enclosure?

Depending on the brand of turtle pontoon you buy, will depend on its installation. Generally they come with suction cups which are then attached to the glass of the aquarium. Others may have adjustable legs that allow you to position the pontoon at the desired height above the water.

How do I clean a turtle pontoon?

Cleaning your turtle pontoon regularly ensures your turtle's environment stays hygienic, which is vital for your turtle's health. Remove any waste or uneaten food from the pontoon and wash it with soap and water.


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Popular Turtle Pontoon Brands: Exo Terra, Reptile One, URS, Zoo Med


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