Replacement Ant Repellent for Ant Proof Plate

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This is a replacement ant repellent for the Ant Proof Plate. This back of repellent will refill approximately 1 1/2 Ant Proof Plates. This is the perfect solution if your Ant Proof Plate has got wet, you need to wash it or it the repellent has just fallen off over time. This replacement powder can be used on the round, rectangle or square Ant Proof Plates.

Replacement Ant Repellent Instructions

How to re-apply ant repellent powder

  1. Turn your Ant Proof Plate upside down and unscrew the four screws holding the top and bottom plate together.
  2. You can use this opportunity to give your plate a wash in warm soapy water. Ensure the plate is dry before you re-apply the ant repellent.
  3. On the underside of the top plate are four round discs. Sprinkle approximately two teaspoons of ant repellent to each of the four discs.
  4. Using your finger, rub the ant repellent around each of the discs leaving a coast that's approximately 2mm thick.
  5. As the ant repellent is harmless you may choose not to wear gloves. However, if you have sensitive or delicate skin we recommend wearing surgical latex type gloves.
  6. Give the plates a light tap removing any excess ant repellent and simply screw the plates back together ensuring your don't strip the threads.
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Best ant proofing

I bought this and other sizes to try out as my pets were constantly having their food bowls invaded by ants. I have tried many other products including special bowls, water wells, elevated trays with anti ant products in the legs of the tray - and all have not worked. These plates I can report do work! And are easy to clean. I would highly recommend.


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