Ant Proof Plate for Dog & Cat Food Bowl - Square

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The Ant Proof Square Plate is great for keeping ants from getting to your dog or cats food bowl! The square Ant Proof Plate is 18cm by 18cm in size. They are a natural, safe and non-toxic way to protect your pets food from ants. It is ideal for dog bowls, cat dishes, condiments, ant attracting plants, picnics, dry dog food or dry cat food. The way it works is the plate has 2 layers, a ground layer and a upper layer. The bowl will sit on the upper layer. The way the plate is designed, the gap between the bottom layer and the top layer is too far apart for ants to get up to. On the bottom of the top plate there is a non toxic natural ant repellent that stops ants in their track and prevents them from reaching the top of the plate.

Ant Proof Plate Sizes

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Great product

I previously bought two rectangular ant proof plates from Petzoo via Amazon because I had a bad problem with ants getting into my cats' food bowls. They are fantastic and have completely fixed the problem. At the same time, I bought a round plate for my neighbours for their dog and they love it as well. This purchased which was direct from Petzoo was for four of the square plates for me to put the cats' water fountains on because ants were climbing in those as well. I was very lucky and the plates were a perfect fit to go under the fountains and again, no more ants. Petzoo was fantastic and delivered my order quickly. Highly recommend them and the plates.


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