LickiMat Playdate Pet Feeding Mat - 20cm x 20cm - Purple

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The Playdate LickiMat is a way to entertain your dog with soft food and help with their oral hygiene. Spread your pet's favourite treat over the LickiMat for them to lick it off. The process of licking this off will stimulates your pet's mind and keep them entertained. The licking of the mat will help scrape bacteria and undigested food from your dogs tongue, which will help to promote better smelling breath. It will also produce saliva into your pet's mouth that helps to clean their tongue, teeth and gum. The LickiMat is 20cm x 20cm and is made of non-toxic material.

LickiMat Information

  • Type: Playdate
  • Size: 20cm x 20cm
  • Best suited to use with chunky spreads, raw food and wet dog food cans
  • Promotes dental hygiene
  • For use with dogs and puppies
  • Entertains your dog
  • Spread your pet's favourite soft treat over mat
  • Hand washable
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Brand LickiMat


Great puppy settler

My fur baby loves this product. Helped him settle in

Martie Courtney

Great distraction

This is great for our two dogs. We use it when we leave home to help distract them from us leaving. Works a treat!


Keeping them occupied while we have dinner !

What a great product !! My dogs love them. While we have dinner, it keeps my two dogs occupied as the younger one sometimes tends to hang around the table waiting for something to drop which it never does ! I always clean them in the sink with detergent and an old toothbrush to get into the corners !


Great product!

Great product, my cat has stopped eating his wet food so fast which caused him to vomit. He has taken well to the lickimat and really enjoys it


Liki mat

This seems like a great idea, unfortunately my girl hasn’t shown any interest. I will try again with another food, she normally loves peanut butter but apparently only when it’s in the jar. I’m sure another family dog will love it!


Great for anxiety pet

They just love it. It keep them entertain for hours. I put peanut butter or vegemite on.


Great for anxiety pet

They just love it. It keep them entertain for hours. I put peanut butter or vegemite on.


Great service

This item is exactly as described. My dogs love it and it is a novel way of changing around mealtimes. Keeps them occupied for some time and easy clean up in the dishwasher.

Kerrie Witts


My jack Russell is home alone during the day, and constantly licks herself when we get home. This has been great to keep her busy and reduce her licking. Thank you


My dog loves it

Bought 2 mats and one had a defect. This mat is great and when I freeze it after applying food on it, it keeps my dog occupied for a long time.


Pet Feeding May

Awesome product our puppy loves it.


Best licking treat

My Dog just love it. Stop them be anxiety and be more relax with the licking mat. You can put anything on it such as honey or peanut butter and the list go on. Highly recommended.

Mary Gillespie


Wonderful product. Our Toby puppy absolutely stresses very bad with fireworks and the day our mat arrived our nearby footy club had a fireworks display. Toby was given the mat and his anxiety and heart rate and panting resolved very quickly.

Patricia OBrien

Stopped The Vomiting!

Our cat Penny is a serial vomiter. She eats wet food WAY too fast and then vomits almost immediately after. We had tried a couple of solutions but most were messy. I purchased the lickimat after lots of research and it has worked. Penny eats much slower, makes no mess and no longer vomits after wet food. The item arrived within a week from PetsofAustralia and I am more than happy with it!



Great invention. My Boston Terrier is entertained with licking it rather than chewing my cushions and my Jack Russell is kept entertained by trying to hide hers from the other dog.

Anna Farmilo


Great quality dogs love it

Jo Fennessy

Great but hard to clean

Really great idea and my dogs loved it but I have found it quite difficult to clean up in the corners where the dogs couldn’t get to.


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