Why Playtime is Important for Your Pets

Playtime is fun. Whether you are joining in or just watching, there’s a lot of enjoyment to be had watching your favourite animals having fun. Toys can also be purchased that will help to enhance the excitment for everybody.

Playtime is not just about having fun, though. Playing can also offer a lot of benefits to your pet, benefits that can help to increase the quality of their lives considerably. There are several reasons why playtime for your pet should be taken really quite seriously.


Playtime is especially important in young animals. As they grow, they need to develop their muscles and their coordination to help them grow fit and strong. In the wild, playtime means learning the skills need to be a successful hunter. As a pet, it means developing a healthy constitution for a long and happy life. Playtime can also help our pets to learn the social skills needed to be a happy member of their family. Without it, they may struggle to learn how to behave and could potentially develop behavioural problems in the future.

If you have a puppy, kitten or another young animal you should spend as much time playing with them as you can to help aid and guide their development. Lots of interaction with people will help them to learn the difference between right and wrong. For when you are unable to play with them, you should ensure that they have plenty of toys available to help keep them active and occupied.

Promote Bonding

Our pets are likely to be a big part of our lives, so it is important that there is a strong relationship between us. Playtime is great at developing bonds between pets and all family members as it helps us to get to know and trust each other. It can also help otherwise introvert pets and even other family members to become more confident not only in playtime, but in life in general.

Close bonds between us and our pets can even lead to lives being saved in extreme situations. Dogs in particular can be very defensive of their owners and can save them in cases of emergencies. People that do have a loyal companion by their side in times of danger are less likely to be harmed than those that don’t.

Maintaining Health

Once your pet is mature, it is important that they continue to play where possible to help them to stay in good physical condition. This can include taking them for a walk, although toys such as balls and frisbees to play fetch with will help to exercise them even more. A good run out is one way to help make sure that your pet’s cardiovascular system is strong and healthy.

While at home, other toys can help to maintain dental hygiene as they can scrape tartar from the teeth. When chewing on toys, the action can stimulate the body’s natural defences against tartar and bacteria that contribute to dental complications. Pastes can also be applied to toys to help provide further protection.

While play time is largely about having a good time, there is quite a serious aspect to it as well. Make sure that your pet gets all the playtime they need and you are helping to ensure that they will lead a happy and healthy life.