Why Cats Should Not Eat Human Food

Cats have nine lives. Well, not really but it sure seems like that sometimes. Maybe they are just lucky or maybe it is because they can be quick.

Cats seem to get into things and are inquisitive. One time, the kitchen wasn’t cleaned up quick enough and the cat got into “stuff” resulting in a sick cat.

After that incident, the kitchen is cleaned up even quicker than usual and research was done about human foods that can harm our cat. They have different metabolisms and many of the foods we enjoy every week are not safe for our cat and can cause mild reactions to severe illness and in some cases can cause death.

While it is tempting to treat our cats with human food, after all, we just want them to be happy and it can be fun to let them enjoy a taste of what we’re eating. The best thing you can do is look at the great variety of cat treats available and enjoy giving a healthy treat which you know is a safe option. Remember, your cat should never receive so many of these healthy treats that he is too full to eat and obtain the nutrients found in his premium cat food.

If you have a dog and cat in your home, it’s an ongoing daily event to have the dog eat her food and the cat eat his food. We know cat food isn’t good for the dog and dog food isn’t good for the cat. Remember cats need an amino acid called Taurine along with a different amount of protein and fat in their cat food. Be sure your cat is eating cat food and don’t let the dog and cat share.