ReptiFX Neodymium Basking Reflector - 25W - Eddison

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This is a 25W Eddison Screw Neodymium Reflector made by ReptiFX Quality Reptile Products. ReptiFX Neodymium Reflector emits full spectrum daylight rays of UVA and UVB, which simulates the photo environment of the reptiles habitats. Also emits daylight heating for all types of reptiles, anphibians, birds or small animals etc. Rare earth neodymium reflectorcoasted glass filters out exsess yellow rays and the natural colours of animals are enhanced.

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SKU 7200904971304A
Barcode # RFX-NEO-25W-E
Brand ReptiFX
Shipping Weight 0.1500kg


Basking reflector

It is a good bulb for basking reptiles. My snake loves it

Karren Purnell

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