Proving The Best Home For Your Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs are a fun loving small animal. As with a lot of small animals, you can’t have just one. They get lonely quickly and need a companion.

The 7 Tips to Provide Your Guinea Pig the Best Home


    This cuddly small animal wants to be inside your home. They are too vulnerable to stay outdoors. They want to be warm in winter and cool in summer. They need to be around their human companions. They do not want to be off in a room alone as they want to see and hear you.


    Small animal housing for a guinea pig needs to be spacious as this little critter likes lots of room. Their small animal house needs to be large enough for them to be happy and run around. They will lay, not get enough exercise, can become depressed and aren’t near as much fun to watch when they are living in inadequate housing.


    Guinea pigs love to eat. They never seem to refuse a treat. Guinea pigs need hay that is green, soft and has a fresh aroma. This is necessary for their digestive system and it helps their teeth too. They need green leafy vegetables which are high in vitamin C. The guinea pig additionally needs small animal food designed for guinea pigs which is high quality to help provide a balanced nutritional diet.


    Another important and unfortunately sometimes overlooked part of guinea pig care is fresh water. Small animal water bottles attach to the small animal house so your guinea pig never has to go thirsty. We need to remember to change the small animal water bottle at least once every day. If you find it empty, refill it more often. If there’s still water, empty it and refill it with fresh water.


    Some favourite small animal toys for guinea pigs include places where they can hide such as tunnels and tents. Guinea pigs do not always do well with small animal wheels as these can hurt their feet and back.


    Guinea pigs will need some grooming. Their nails need to be trimmed. They will need to be washed with small animal shampoo designed to clean a guinea pig fur safely. If you have a guinea pig with long hair, it will need to be brushed and trimmed also.


    Like with many small animals, a guinea pig will hide any signs of illness or weakness as it is prey to many predators. As a responsible small animal pet owner, you will need to be observant and watch for any signs that something isn’t right. Notice weight gain or weight loss, notice if your guinea pig seems too cold or too hot and notice changes in its fur or skin. Know your guinea pig, how its eyes appear, when hearing seems to be fading and provide a forever home for your guinea pig. Take your guinea pig to the veterinarian and always keep your small animal pet as comfortable as possible.

Guinea pigs need patience. They are fearful. They are fragile small animals with bones and teeth that can break easily. With time, gentleness and love you’ll have a small animal pet to enjoy and love. As you learn their behaviors, you’ll know that your guinea pig is saying thanks and “I Love You” in many subtle ways.