5 Tips For Keeping Your Cat Out Of Mischief

Does your adorable cat get into things she shouldn’t? Cats are notorious for for eating things they shouldn’t.

Tips For Keeping Your Cat Safe

  1. Hide those electrical cords, plastic and strings. Keep them out of sight and out of reach. These things are all huge temptations to our cats and can wreck havoc on their bodies.

    Sometimes the things we use everyday will need to be well hidden. Sometimes we will have to buy products to help us hide our everyday items. You may have to make adjustments to your home to cat proof it for the safety of your cat.

  2. Be sure your cat is getting enough to eat and is not foraging because she is hungry.

    Cat food is available in many different varieties so be certain your cat is content with the cat diet you have chosen.

  3. Hide crunchy cat treats and let your little adventurer discover something healthy and provide cat-safe grass for your cat to enjoy nibbling.

    Cat treats come in all different textures and flavors. Many are nutritious or have a health benefit for your cat. Cats will enjoy the tasty result of their hunt.

  4. Make sure your cat has an interactive play time each day.

    There are many great cat toys available, some of which are interactive for you and your cat to enjoy together. For some cats, there’s nothing like time with you. For other cats, they want to play alone so be sure there’s plenty of different things your cat can find to do to keep herself out of mischief.

  5. If your cat likes cuddle time, relax with her for a few minutes each day
    This is healthy for you as well as for your cat!

Eating inedible items could possibly be anxiety, boredom, PICA, leukemia among other things and can be toxic, cause choking or a surgery to remove a foreign body. It can be a serious problem needing immediate medical attention from a veterinarian. If your cat is absolutely compulsive about eating things it shouldn’t and you feel it is more than a curious cat, be sure to discuss this with your veterinarian to be sure there is not an underlying medical condition.