8 Fun Facts About Cats

With cat’s being so popular, we really don’t need to know more reasons to admire or be fascinated with this wonderful pet. For those inquiring minds who want to know, here’s some very interesting cat information.

8 Just For Fun Cat Facts

  1. Did you know that if you blink slowly at a cat it can calm the cat? This can work on feral and domesticated cats. Cats see this as affection and as a kiss. So, the next time your cat gives you a long and slow blink, it’s showing you love. Your cat could be showing you gratitude for learning and caring about cat health and also for providing cat flea and heartworm control treatments. Cats appreciate not having those annoying insects bite them and cause potential diseases.

  2. Cat ears are much more than cute. A cat can hear much better than us with those triangle shaped ears. A cat’s hearing range extends to 64kHz and ours extends only to 23 kHz. This means they can hear a rodent communicating. Cats can move their ears 180 degrees and they can move them separately. Does your cat come running the moment you begin to prepare its cat food? They hear every move we make and if they act like they don’t, they’re just being cool.

  3. Cats cannot taste that tempting dessert that we love so much. They do not have near as many taste buds as we do and they cannot taste sweet flavors. There’s many theories on why cats cannot taste sweets. This is a great reason to remember to say no to the feline asking to share your dessert and to purchase cat treats instead.

  4. A cat’s cute button looking nose has a lot of responsibility. Each ridged cat nose pattern is as unique as a human fingerprint. A cat’s sense of smell is about 14 times greater than a human’s.

  5. Cat’s sleep 70% of their lives, no wonder we always see them lounging around. They sleep about 16 hours each day.

  6. Cats are strong, fast and athletic. A cat can jump 7 times its own height. Cats have a top speed of about 35 mph. Part of taking care of your cat is providing plenty of exercise, cat toys, attention, interaction and love.
  7. Cats prefer to have their food and water bowls in separate places. They will drink much more water if you provide them a place for eating and a different place for enjoying drinking their clean fresh water. There’s a variety of cat bowls available so you can select the best ones for your cat and that will work in your home and for your lifestyle.

  8. Cats are the second most common type of pet in Australia with nearly three in ten households owning a cat (2.7 million). While cat ownership remained stable from 2013-2016, the cat population increased from 3.3 million to 3.9 million during that period. (1) (Dogs are the most popular.)