KONG Gyro - Large
KONG Gyro - Large



Dog Treat Dispensing Toys will slowly realise treats or food as the dog plays. Just fill the toy with food or treats and then the dog will knock, wobble and do what ever he/she can to get the goods from the toy. These toys are designed to sit upright, then when pushed by the dog they will wobble around making it fun for the dog. We make buying treat and food dispensing dog toys easy!

Your dog’s ancestors would have had to hunt and forage for their food, and these primal instincts are still with them today. While they may not quite be the fearsome predators of their wild brethren, they still use their instincts when it comes to play time.

Treat dispensers make your dog work for the treats inside, which provides them with hours of fun. With the treats placed inside, they will slowly be released as your pet plays with the toy. In addition to providing your dog with lots of fun, these toys will also help to provide nutritious dietary supplements that will help to maintain your pet’s good health.

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