Cat Litter Tray Maintenance

Everyone seems to talk a lot about how to get your cat to use the litter tray. Well, that’s a horrible problem when it happens.

The latest thing in our home is staying on schedule to clean the cat litter tray. We have been buying expensive cat litter which tracks less, smells less, clumps better and is natural.

The better quality cat litter did help us. We do see less mess outside of the tray. We see less tracking. We all experience less odor.

Our cat loves his routine and he doesn’t understand that we get busy and we get off schedule. We are humans are we actually procrastinate (or even forget) our duties occasionally. So the latest thing we have been reading about and looking at is the reviews on the self cleaning litter trays. We are intrigued.

We know there’s no substitute for cleaning the cat litter tray on a schedule. A self cleaning litter tray still needs attention and help from the humans to keep it clean and a desirable place for the cat to eliminate.

I wonder … does anyone else ever have this problem? Are we the only ones who actually procrastinate (or forget) cleaning the cat litter tray?

I hope we’re not alone in our keep the cat litter tray clean struggle. When we started buying the premium and natural cat litter, it made a huge difference and it helps us go longer between actual cleanings. We still haven’t gone with the self cleaning cat litter tray yet as our cat is older, set in his ways and doesn’t do so well with change.