Wildlife Carer FAQ's

Author: Rachel   Date Posted:9 May 2023 

Learn about what you need to know to become a wildlife carer in Australia. Regulations and requirements will differ in each state; Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia, South Australia and Tasmania. Find wildlife supplies for animal rehabilitation.

What is a Wildlife Carer?

A wildlife carer is a person who rescues, rehabilitates and releases injured, sick or orphaned wildlife.

Do I need a license to be a Wildlife Carer?

Yes, you need a license to be a wildlife carer. You can obtain a license from your State or Territory wildlife authority. It is also recommended to volunteer with your local wildlife rescue organisation.

What animals do wildlife carers care for?

Wildlife carers care for animals including marsupials, reptiles, amphibians and bird. Some of the more common animals that are cared for by wildlife carers in Australia include, Kangaroos, koalas, possums, echidna's, wallabies and wombats.

How do I become a wildlife carer?

The requirements for becoming a wildlife carer can vary depending on the state or territory you live in. Check out your state or territories website. In Queensland, you need to obtain a Rehabilitation Permit to become a wildlife carer.

What does a typical day look like for a wildlife carer?

A lot of time for a wildlife carer is spent feeding the animals, cleaning their enclosures, administration of medications and providing other medical care. They also monitor the animals for any behaviour changes and progress. It may involve waking up through the night for feeding.

What kind of training do I need to become a wildlife carer in Australia?

Most states and territories require you to complete a training course that will cover topics like, animal handling, animal care and animal rehabilitation. Additional training courses need to be complete to care for animals such as reptiles and birds of prey.

Do wildlife carers in Australia get paid?

No, Australian wildlife carers are not paid. Wildlife carers are volunteers.

How do I report injured or orphaned wildlife?

To report injured or orphaned wildlife in QLD, contact your local wildlife organisation, or you can call the RSPCA QLD Wildlife Hospital.

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