Stop Stray Cat From Destroying my Garden

Date Posted:20 January 2023 

Do you have a neighourhood cat that is ruining your garden or urinating where they shouldnt be? As frustrating as it can be, there are solutions that you can use to stop this reoccuring. Most commonly it will be a neighbours cat that is causing the issue, so locking them inside yourself is not going to work. Here is a couple of things you can do to deter stray cats from digging your garden.

Aristopet Garden Repellent for Dogs & Cats

These are crystals that you spread in the area you want to deter the cat from getting to. They have a strong scent that animals do not like and will stay away from. Depending on the weather, the smell will usually last a week or two before you need to reapply. You can also use these inside your home, if you want to keep your cat or dog away from a certain space.

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Aristopet Home & Garden Repellent for Dogs & Cats

This uses a simalar scent to the Aristopet Garden Repellent. This is the spray verison of the range. We find that this is better used in indoor or uncovered areas so the rain does not wash it away. It can be sprayed onto walls, furniture, garden beds or items around your home and backyard. When the smell has gone, simply spray again. These products are not toxic but animals do not like the smell!

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Urine Off for Cats & Kittens

If you can that a stray cat is peeing on items in your backyard or home, and they keep going back to the same spot, this is going to help to stop that. The Urine Off spray will kill the odour and get rid of the stain. General household cleaning products will not get rid of the urine smell that draws the animal back to the spot. This is usually used indoors but it can be used outside in the backyard if needed.

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These are three products that can be used to stop cats from destroying your garden or wreaking havoc in your backyard. If these do not work, you may want to consider getting a dog to do security work for you.

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