Stop Algae In Your Aquarium

Author: John W   Date Posted:18 September 2019 

If you have a aquarium then more than likely you have had to face the problem of algae. Sometimes its worse than other times, so how does it just come and go? and how can you get rid of it? Well seeing I'm answering these questions for people everyday i thought i would write out a quick list of things you can do to help the situation. The list is in no particular order.

Less light

Algae is formed from light so and the light is coming from 2 places either a window/door or from a aquarium light. So if its from a window you can move your fish tank or keep the blinds shut during the hours that the sun is shining in the most. If you don't have much sunlight and your using an aquarium light then don't have it on for so long. Some people will keep there light on from when they wake up then until they go to bed. This is to much in a lot of cases and if you leaving it on over night then that's way to much light. You got to remember when fish are in the wild they have day and night like us and I'm pretty sure under water from 6pm to mid night there is no light so there isn't really a need for it in you fish tank at those times.


Putting a few snails in your fish tank cant hurt and they do help. And its a easy cheap thing to do.

Algae Cure

Algae treatments are a block or liquid that you put in your water that helps stop the algae from coming back and it works well, so it is certainly worth a try.

Algae Eater Fish

Algae eater fish are a OK way although they wont do as good a job as the other things mentioned but they will make a difference, how much obviously depends on the size of the fish. But like snails its simple, easy and cant hurt to have them in there.

Don't be lazy and just clean it

Yes, it is much easier said than done but buying an algae scrub or algae magnet cleaner makes it fairly easy. This will make your fish tank the cleanest out of all the methods. These are just a few of the main ways you can stop algae so of course there are always more. One thing you must realize though is that you will never totally get rid of algae no matter how hard to try. Also algae isn't bad for the fish it just makes your fish tank look bad, if anything its good for the fish to have some algae in there. I could write pages on this subject but A. No one would want to read anything that long and B. These few tips should be enough to make a big enough difference in stopping algae in you aquarium. Thanks for reading.

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