Choosing The Best Clothing For Your Dog

When kids get together with animals, the result is often a pet that has been dressed up in various items of clothing. This will often be more fun for the kids then it is for the pet, but it is largely harmless for all concerned. Human clothes tend not to fit well on animals though. Holes are in the wrong locations and dimensions are all wrong. Some clothing, however, has been made with animals in mind and will fit pets of different shapes and sizes. Animal clothing also comes available to suit a variety of different purposes.

Dressing Up

If you are just looking to dress up your pooch for fun, you will find plenty to keep you occupied. With bright, fun colours there is a lot of fun to be had chopping and changing to find the best outfit for your pet. Special costumes are available so that you can get your four-legged friends dressed up for certain occasions. Whether it is Halloween, Christmas or maybe just for fun, there is plenty available. Specially made hair colouring chalks are also available so you can safely style and change your pet’s hair colour.

Be mindful that while dressing up can be fun for you, it might not be as fun for your pet. Clothing can be uncomfortable or irritable to them and too much attention can become stressful for them. If they are showing signs of distress, it is best to remove the clothing and allow them to relax. They may be willing to play again later.

Warmth and Protection

Our pets can feel the heat of the summer and the bite of the winter just as much as we can. The good news is that specially made coats and jackets are available just for them. As well as being waterproof to help protect your pet from snow and rain, they are also insulated to help provide additional warmth to keep your four-legged friend comfortable and safe from the elements. This is especially important in smaller animals that find it harder to keep warm in the winter, although larger pets could often do with a little help as well.

In addition to jackets and coats to keep the body warm, boots can be required to protect your pet’s paws. Extreme weather can make a huge difference to the temperature of the ground, potentially making it very uncomfortable or even harmful to your pet. Heatwaves can heat tarmac and concrete to temperatures that will burn the skin, while cold weather can freeze the ground to temperatures that can cause frostbite.

Comforting and Calming

When in situations that they are not comfortable with, your pet may begin to suffer from anxiety. This can be extremely distressing for your pet and is something that you should try to remedy as soon as possible. One solution lays in a coat that embraces your pet firmly, simulating the sensation of being held. This can help to comfort your pet, calming them down when they might otherwise become stressed. It is very effective in some animals and can improve the quality of their lives considerably.

Whatever the reason you wish to get some clothing for your pet, you will find that there is a wide range to choose from. Whether just for a little fun, or something that will help keep your pooch comfortable and well, you should have little difficulty finding what you are looking for.