Exo Terra Reptile Heat Wave Desert - Extra Small

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The Extra Small Desert substrate reptile heater from Exo Terra simulates heated sand beds by the sun in deserts. The amount of hours a day and the strength of the sun in these regions can generate extreme hot surfaces. The substrate is dry and does not increase the air humidity as seen in rainforests or tropical areas. The power of the Heat Wave Desert substrate heater is designed to safely create these conditions in the terrarium.

About This Exo Terra Heat Wave Desert

  • Extra Small
  • 4 Watts
  • Size: 10cm x 12.5cm
  • Terrarium substrate heater
  • Ultra thin
  • Mount under tank
  • Conductive heat source for reptiles and arachnids
  • Helps in thermoregulating - important for metabolism, digestion, appetite and activity
  • Even heat distribution
  • For glass terrariums only
  • More information can be found at Exo-terra.com

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SKU 015561220286A
Brand Exo Terra
Shipping Weight 0.2500kg

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