Natural Animal Solutions (NAS)

Natural Animal Solutions are an Australian company making some of the best pet health products available. NAS have a range of natural medicines, supplements and grooming products for dogs, cats, small animals and horses. Natural Animal Solutions make pet products to common health conditions such as joint, dry skin, skin allergies, stress, ear, eye, digestion and more. Buy Natural Animal Solutions pet health products online at the cheapest price.

Natural Animal Solution Products

NAS Calming & Stress

NAS Natural Animal Solutions Calming and stress relieve

Natural Animal Solutions make great calming and stress relieve products for dogs and cats.

Calm can be used on dogs, cats and small animals. It will help to calm your pet during storms, fireworks and other high anxiety situations for your animal.
TravelEze can be used on dogs and cats. It helps to reduce stress when your pet is traveling. 1 in 4 dogs suffer from motion sickness, so it is very likely that your dog has issues with traveling. It can be used when dog is traveling in a car, plane or other means transportation.

NAS Skin Care

NAS Natural Animal Solutions Skin Care Products

Natural Animal Solutions offer a range of skin care products for your pet.

Dermal Cream and Dermal Oil can be used on dogs, cats and horses. It is used to treat pets with dry skin, minor wounds and scratches.
Itchy scratch spray can be used on dogs, cats and horses. It is a fast acting solution for itchy skin, sore paws and hot spots on your pet. It also helps mane and tail on horses.

Please Note: These are not the only products that look after skin care in the Natural Animal Solution range. Also see Omega Oils, Shampoos & conditioners, Vitamin C and HerbaGuard.

NAS Shampoo & Conditioners

NAS Natural Animal Solutions Pet Shampoo and Conditioners

Natural Animal Solutions have a fantastic range of herbal shampoos and conditioners.

Herbal Pet Shampoo for normal skin can be used on dogs, cats and small animals. This is a gentle shampoo with no chemicals that will harm your pet.
Herbal Pet Shampoo for sensitive skin can be used on dogs, cats and small animals. Sensitive shampoo is sulphate, perfume and paraben free.
Herbal Pet Conditioner can be used on dogs, cats and small animals. It is highly recommended to use NAS conditioner after shampooing.

NAS Insect Repel

NAS Natural Animal Solutions Herbaguard insect repelant

Natural Animal Solutions products to protect your pet against insects and little nasties.

HerbaGuard Powder and Shampoo can be used on puppies, kittens, dogs, cats and small animals. These products will protect your pet from annoying insects and other nasties.

NAS Pet Supplements

NAS Natural Animal Solutions Pet Supplements

Adding a supplement to your pets diet, can drastically improve their health. Natural Animals Solutions has a range of supplements to improve your pets health and well being.

Omega 3, 6 & 9 Oil for pets will reduce skin odour, promote digestion, maintain a healthy immune system and support joints.
High Potency Vitamin C can be used on dogs, cats and horses. It promotes skin, joint and respiratory systems.
Nature's Organic Calcium is for use on dogs, cats and horses. It promotes healthy bones, joints and teeth.
Organic Seaweed is for use on dogs, cats and horses. It contains a mixture of vitamins and minerals. It promotes healthy skin, coat, digestion, thyroid function and skin pigmentation.
OsteoForte is for use on dogs and cats. It provides strong joint and mobility support for your pet.

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