Resun Reptile Heating Cable - 4.5 Metres

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This is a 4.5 metre heating cable for reptile terrariums and vivariums. The Resun heating cable gives a even heating supply to the entire substrate surface in the enclosure. The silicon cable has a extra thin design for maximum flexibility. It comes with suctions caps for easy securing. The 4.5 metre heating cable is ideal for terrariums 40-70 litres.

About This Reptile Heating Cable

  • 4.5 metres
  • 25 Watts
  • For 40-70 litre terrariums
  • Heating cable for terrariums and vivariums
  • Silicon cable
  • Extra thin design for maximum flexibility
  • Even heating supply to the entire substrate surface
  • Comes with suction caps for easy securing

Operating Instructions and Correct Installation

  • Make sure the Resun heating cable is unplugged before handling it. Never shorten the length of the cable. Make sure the cable is not fiercely folded, pinched or pressed.
    The minimum space between every two suckers, which divide cable, must never be less than 4 cm.
  • Install it below the substrate inside the terrarium, keeping the entire heating surface of the cable hidden. Use the suction cups for easier and more stable securing of the heating cable to the bottom of the terrarium.
    Avoid the use of insulating substrates to ensure that the heat is emitted and conducted smoothly. Shaving, peat or gravel, etc. is recommended as substrates.
  • Always plug into the mains outside the terrarium. During the first few days, please check the temperature of the entire terrarium area and particularly of the objects closest to the cable, adjusting their position where the temperature is not suitable. The use of a thermostat is recommended to adjust the temperature inside the terrarium. Never use the cable if it is damaged or defective.

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SKU 6933163303913A
Brand Resun
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